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About Us

Finding inspiration in every note

Our Story

We believe that music is a powerful tool for healing and personal growth, and we are dedicated to supporting and assisting veterans by giving them the positive mental and emotional benefits of continuing to use their musical skills and the camaraderie they experienced in the armed forces. Through our performances and educational initiatives, we aim to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the talents and contributions of veteran musicians while supporting good causes, including the various forces’ charities. 


We are currently an unregistered voluntary community organisation; however, once we have achieved the income threshold of £5,000 set by the Charities Commission, we will be applying for charity status and have established our constitution accordingly.

Here on our website, you can find information about our upcoming events, and learn more about our band members by making a donation to support our mission or becoming a sponsor for our concerts.


If you have ever attended a concert featuring the Royal Air Force bands, a Royal Marine band or one of the many army bands, you will know what to expect on the night. By bringing all three branches of HM armed forces together in one outstanding big band we know you will be in for an unforgettable experience.


We hope you will join us in our effort to promote the talents of veteran musicians and support the veterans’ community at large.


Thank you for your support! 

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